Amza Moglan, ICG, is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles, CA. He moved to the United States from his native country Romania, and studied film at Columbia College in Chicago. Due to his early artistic influences, Amza enjoys a wide variety of art forms, and his work in cinema is fueled by his interest in painting, photography, music and literature. His cinematography portfolio includes TV shows, commercials, music videos, short films, feature documentary and narrative films such as HOW TO MAKE MONEY SELLING DRUGS (2011), MILES TO GO (2012), COLOSSAL YOUTH (2017), THE DISAPPEARANCE OF: NATALEE HOLLOWAY (2017), ISLAM & THE FUTURE OF TOLERANCE (2018), RIGHTFUL (2019), UNTOUCHABLE (2019), THE GREEN GHOST (2019), SAMLAND (2020). 
Most recently Amza shot and directed the latest music video release from LONR. titled 'WORLD'. 

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